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Game Preparation
Whitetail Deer
Be sure to watch this informative video on field care
 Caping Procedure for Shoulder Mounts

(First Cut) Begin with an incision 1 foot behind the front legs, cutting completely around the upper torso. (Second Cuts)Then cut around both legs just above the knee.  











(Third Cuts) From the underside of each leg, join the two previous cuts. Follow the line where the white and brown hair meet. Follow as close as possible to the line without getting into the white hair.

Peel the skin forward up to the back of the ears being careful not to nick the hide. (Fouth Cut) Saw off the neck 3 inches behind the ears. We prefer that the specimen be delivered at this point. If you aren’t able to get it to us on the day of harvest, it will need to be frozen. Place the hide and head in a garbage bag sealing it tightly. Then place this bag into another bag before freezing.

Freezer Preparation 
for Birds 

Wipe off any blood with a wet towel, then plug the throat with a small piece of cotton or paper towel.This will prevent blood from draining onto the plumage.

Tuck the head under a wing and place it neck first into one leg of a pair of panty hose. This will keep the feathers in place. Next place the bird into a plastic bag. Place this bag into another bag and seal tight.

Freezer Preparation 
for Fish 

 Completely wrap the fish in a wet towel being careful to keep the fins flat against the body. Place the fish in a plastic bag and seal tightly.

 Freezer Preparation 
for Small Mammals

 Small mammals should be frozen as soon as possible. Place the specimen in a garbage bag and then place this bag into another. Seal tightly and deliver to us as soon as possible.

Care, proper preparation, and fast delivery of the specimen are crucial to a flawless final result.

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